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Flexpak Limited provides quality packaging services to the food and other related industries. We are one of Jamaica’s largest manufacturers of plain and printed polyethylene and polypropylene films and bags. Our unmatched food packaging services have assisted many businesses to grow tremendously. Our products are safe for contact with farm produce, meat, spices, frozen foods, seasoning, baked products and more. Beyond that our products extend shelf life and helps preserve the quality aesthetic of your brand. Using our packaging will endure the security and longevity of any item of your choosing. At Flexpak we are committed to serving you and serving you well. Our unmatched  dedication has made us the first in Jamaica to provide laminates locally. Lamination allows for products to have increased shelf life and preserved aesthetics. Learn more

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Results Oriented Service

We want to help you grow your brand value by increasing the saleability of your products. We offer dedicated packaging, full colour prints, laminations, and in-house graphic design services. All done to meet your specifications and requirements.

The Highest Quality

With our modern processes and technology, we are able to offer unprecedented workmanship and best-in-class products. We take special care to use only high quality and branded raw materials for manufacturing of our various products.

Unbeatable Value

Flexpak is a revolutionary name in the packaging industry. We have enabled many firsts in the market. We are the first to offer multi-layer laminated films locally and are the only one providing full-colour flexographic wide web printing in the area.

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